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Is Changing Flames an NGO?

No. Changing Flames is a for-profit corporation.

Is Changing Flames an African company?

No. Changing Flames is a U.S. corporation governed by United States laws.

Can a company based anywhere else in the world than Africa do business with Changing Flames?

Absolutely yes. Changing Flames is open to do business with any legal entity anywhere in the world.

How can I get information/details about Changing Flames Economic Empowerment Convention?

You can get information about Changing Flames International Economic Empowerment Convention by reaching out to us at info@changingflames.com.

Is Changing Flames Economic Empowerment Convention a one-time event?

No. Changing Flames International Economic Empowerment Convention is an event that occurs once every year.

If I already paid my registration fee for the convention, am I required to pay $500 for the Bronze Plan dedicated to African Businesses?

No. For all those who have paid their registration fee for the convention, they will not be required to pay the Bronze package dedicated to African businesses. Instead, they will request a $500 coupon from their ICA that would allow them to register on the New Vision Website.

How do I create an account on Vision Changing Flames website?

Please select the link below to download instructions. *All newly created account requires Changing Flames approval.

Download Instructions

Who is Changing Flames?

Changing Flames (“CF”) is a Florida-based development company and a consortium of African and American-based businesses focused on delivering patented sustainable solutions to small and medium scale businesses. The core vision of Changing Flames is to serve as a 'Trust Vehicle' located in the United States upon which African small and medium scale businesses (SME's) can drive their trading capacity and improve their business ecosystem both locally, regionally, and globally. Changing Flames is a “doing business as” (DBA) of Esceety African Market Corp ("EAM"). As a business entity, Changing Flames is legally registered in the United States.


How do I become an advocate for and help promote the Changing Flames movement?

You can apply to become a part of the International Change Agent (ICA) Task Force at this link address. You must meet the following requirements:

Any individual aspiring to become a member of Changing Flames International Change Agent (ICA) Task Force must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be an employee or a professional affiliated with a legally established entity.
  2. Provide a valid proof of professional affiliation as well as proof of business travel.
  3. Show interest in helping Africa get on the road of economic development.
  4. Make three (3) key recommendations on ways to put Africa on the path of economic growth.
  5. Be ready to attend special training sessions and complete assignments related to ICAs’ roles as needed.
  6. Meet all of the above-mentioned criteria and secure 100% satisfaction on the ICA job interview.
What types of business do Changing Flames work with?

We work with all types of business in any industry, as long as it is an officially registered business in your country.

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